Experienced Lawyer Fighting Clients' Drunk Driving Charges

When you have been accused of drunk driving, it's critical to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Getting a lawyer's help is the best way to protect your driver's license, your rights and your freedom.

At my Gretna, Louisiana, law practice, I encourage people to contact me immediately after a drunk driving arrest. I talk openly with them about the possible consequences they face and their options. If you have been arrested for DUI in Louisiana, you face serious consequences, including driver's license suspension, fines, community service, and jail time. These penalties increase if this is your second or subsequent offense. If you've been in trouble before, matters are even more serious this time around.

Here's what you can expect:

  • First-offense DUI: You face up to 32 hours of community service, probation, evaluations, mandatory driver's education classes, and up to six months of jail time if you're convicted.
  • Second-offense DUI: You face up to 240 hours of community service, more jail time and higher fines (which are determined by the court) if you're convicted.
  • Third-offense DUI: If you are convicted, you face up to five years of mandatory prison time. It is critical you get legal help immediately.

I work hard to reduce these harsh consequences of misdemeanor and felony DWI, often filing motions to suppress evidence that was illegally obtained.

Protect Your Rights And Your Right To Drive

If you have been accused of drunk driving, get help now. Call me, attorney Michelle H. Hesni, at 504-408-2669 for a free and confidential consultation at my Gretna, Louisiana, law office.